BH0180 – Bodywallet


  • Adhesive side is produced by a plaster manufacturer
  • Fleece material from hygienics sector allows your skin to breathe pleasant to wear
  • Directions to use:
  • Remove the backing paper from the adhesive side
  • Stick the Body Wallet on a suitable area of your skin
  • Use and fill the Body Wallet
  • Remove the Body Wallet if you do not need it anymore
  • Once removed from the body, the Body Wallet cannot be re-attached
  • Important:
  • Do not stick onto mucous membranes, wounds, mouth or nose
  • Do not apply in case of skin diseases
  • Should skin irritations occur, please remove the Bodywallet immediately
  • Please keep out of reach of children, in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight
  • Wear for one hour before filling
  • Recommended use within one year after date of purchase content will get wet when the Bodywallet is e
  • Use of the Body Wallet is at your own risk. The Bodywallet company or Kevro is not liable for damage
  • Branding options available

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