Swiss Cougar Lima UV Steriliser Wireless Charger

Swiss Cougar Lima UV Steriliser Wireless Charger


SKU: TECH-5271|TECH-5271-SW


A 2-in-1 wireless charging phone stands with UV-C sterilising light. Your phone can charge while being UV sterilised at the same time. The UV Steriliser can also be removed from the stand to be used portably on other items.
UV sterilization works by breaking down certain chemical bonds and scrambling the structure of DNA, RNA, and proteins, causing a microorganism to be unable to multiply. When a microorganism is unable to multiply, it is considered dead since it cannot reproduce within a host and is no longer infectious. It should take 5 – 10 minutes to sterilise small objects like keys, jewellery, and phones.
UV light kills bacteria, fungi, and most viruses, though it has not been conclusively proven to kill all viruses.

12.8 ( l ) x 12.5 ( w ) x 20( h ) cm
material: ABS
input: 9V/1.5A ; 5V/2A
output: 5W / 10W
wireless charging distance : ?6mm
UV Power Output: Max 3W
UVC Wavelength: 253 – 280nm
includes 50cm Type-C USB charging cable


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