Ticra Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser Mini Satin


Ticra Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser Mini Satin

R2,070.00 R1,897.50



Ticra Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser

This is the Ticra Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser. More specifically, it is the Mini SATIN version. As the name suggests, this paper towel dispenser is operated using a sensor. Also, this means which means employees and patrons don’t have to touch the machine at all. Thus, making it a completely hands free machine. And, a top contender for being one of the best paper towel dispensers on the market in South Africa. Luckilly, we stock these top machines at the most competitive price.

Lastly, the dimensions of this machine are as follows:

  • 19.69 x 29.21 x 29.21cm
  • Will dispense most rolls (non-perforated)
  • Runs off 4 Dcell batteries

Finally, you can browse more of our paper towel dispensers in the facilities management section.


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