Legend Pop-up Fabric Skin 2 x 1m

Legend Pop-up Fabric Skin 2 x 1m


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Weight: 3.1kg
Hardware: 1 x frame: fibre rod
Frame assembled size: 2 x 1 x 0.4m
Bag material: Polyester oxford
Bag size: 85cm dia
Skin included: 2 x pop-up skins
Material: Polyester display fabric
Visual size: 1.98 x 0.9m
Features: Crease resistant, lightweight, easy setup
Accessories: 4 x ground spikes: steel
Branding: 2 x single-sided sublimation prints tailored to fit the frame, making branding visible from both sides
Twist and fold to fit into bag
4 x Ground spike
Double-sided for maximum visibility
Range: Legend