Buy Envelopes Online at Office Gear. Also, There exists different envelope sizes; A4, C5 and #10. In addition to that, we will analyze the different types of envelopes. Of which, Air mail envelope are transported by an aircraft. Firstly, If you have a mail to get it overseas, this special envelope will cater for you. Secondly, Disk envelopes holds CD or DVDs. They are of different sizes to fit your disk while the material is plastic, hence portable.
And, Window envelopes They are used for mailing checks , receipts and invoices. The cut hole allows the receiver to see inside. Nonetheless, the window material is plastic. Widely used as they are environmentally friendly. Square envelopes
They are square shaped as the name suggest. They are used to send invitation and event letters. The cushion inside the envelops holds the item. Finally, buy envelopes online from us below.

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