Pensan-An Office Gear Exclusive


Pensan-An Office Gear Exclusive

New To  Office Gear

Office Gear Is proud to announce Our Pensan Range. We have become the official retailer to one of the worlds leading brands of Pen and Pen related products. From Beautifully vibrant neon and glitter gel pens that will liven up any project to incredibly designed mechanical pencils. Pensan is the number 1 Pen range of Turkey and the Eastern Europe. We have Whiteboard markers, proven to last longer. Nano-Gel Roller ball pens that will simply amaze in both style as well as durability. All of these pens looks great on any desk in any pen holder. We are very proud to be bringing Pensan to South Africa. Pensan has been exporting its products to 70 countries including Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Russia and now, South Africa.

Started in 1994, Pensan has been One of Europes leading brands of stationary since 2000.

Their vision: “To be a part of dreams and to color and enrich the lives of our consumers.”

Their Mission: “To make them happy while our consumers realize their dreams”,
“To work with respect to our customers and the environment, protecting our responsibility and ethical values.”

Finally, Our Office Gear exclusive is thrilled to be offering These Illustrious Pensan products to you!

Join us to find out more about which  Pensan products we have or contact us


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