Our Story

Office Gear Africa was born in 2016 as a one-stop-shop for stationery and office equipment based in Bramley, Johannes-burg, South Africa. Office Gear is more than just a supplier of office tools, accessories and stationeries; we are business solution providers. We love to help businesses succeed, that is why we bring our solutions to clients, making their life more comfortable and their business more efficient.

Our considerable success and upsurge in our demand for a more diverse product selection have led to having a variety of over 70,000 products on our online store. Our clients enjoy an extended range of genuine office equipment from trusted manufacturers all over the world from which they make their choice.

Office Gear is widely known in the industry today as a result of our commitment to serving our clients and meeting their needs in the best possible way. It is a part of our commitment to helping make the running of business stress-free and straightfor-ward, giving our clients more time to focus on other aspects of their businesses. Our online store stocks an extensive range of stationery, office equipment and accessories and also office management products.

We have always believed that the key to our laudable success is our inherent ability to satisfy our teaming clients with the best service available. As we make continuous efforts to expand the scope of our service offerings, clients will observe a steady in-crease in the type of new products we supply, while we go deeper into the technology market to deliver innovative office gear that will improve the livelihood of our online customers.

Our Core Values

Our Services

Office Gear is a leading supplier of office equipment in South Africa, offering a vast selection of office tools and accessories for all kinds of businesses. Whether you are a start-up business, working from home or small office, or a big business with several offices and employees, Office Gear is the place to discover and find anything you might need for the efficient running of your business, at the lowest possible prices. We have all your business needs covered in one convenient, user-friendly online store.

As a foremost and largest suppliers of office tools, our services cater to a broad range of customers such as SMEs, educational institutions, government offices, business establishments and individual customers. Our range of office equipment includes writing materials, printers, scanners, printer accessories, branded apparel and lots more. A visit to our online store will expose you to a broad array of products that are just a click away!

We use our experience and considerable buying power to bring to our esteemed clients quality products from leading brands at notably low prices, pairing this ability with speedy delivery to ensure that our clients get what they need when they need it.

Suitable writing materials are the sole of every business establishment. Supplying top-notch writing materials is what we are re-nowned for. Office Gear has a large, almost inexhaustible stock of pens, pencils and markers that suit all your needs. Our collection of pens includes executive pens, fountain pens, and ballpoint pens and refills in large quantities and the best available quality from renowned manufacturers. In addition, we have all varieties of pencils for different categories of users such as schools, artists, writers, carpenters, etc. We also supply highlighters, permanent markers in all colours along with writing correctors such as eraser and tip-ex. For all your writing material needs, Office Gear is your trusted supplier. Just place your order, and we will deliver it to you seamlessly.

The use of printers and scanners cannot be overstated. It is known that businesses spend a lot of printing and scanning alone. Imagine how difficult it could be running a business without a printer and scanner, or having to cope with a faulty printer. Office Gear supplies varieties of printers and scanners from reputable manufacturers. Various standard organizations certify the printers and scanners in our store. We have products from HP, SAMSUNG, EPSON, LEXMARK and OKI. Because of our purchasing power, we can but these renowned products and supply them to our clients at affordable prices. Our printers and scanners will drastically reduce your operational cost to the minimum, giving more resources for other vital needs of your business. Cables and other accessories are also included in these categories.

If you are looking for office filing and storage solutions, perhaps you have come to the right place. We supply various files, filing and storage equipment that will suit the needs of your business. These include storage products and their accessories in multiple sizes in the elegant Office Gear style. The range we stock include folders, signature blotters, accessible files, archive box, business card filing systems, card file box, clipboards, carry folders, display books, concertina files, document wallet, drawer storage systems, manila folders, cabinets and lots more. Visit our online store to view more collections we have in stock.

For the smooth running of your facility or business environment, some relevant provisions must be made. Facility management tools comprise a broad range of items and products. Office Gear is the best supplier of office management equipment throughout South Africa. We stock a vast collection of facility management equipment to suit all your needs. Products in this category include tea, coffee, sugar and milk. Apart from these edible products, the category also includes cleaning products such as mops, pedal bins, brooms, air freshener and lots more. These products will keep your office functional and well maintained.

Tradesmen expect a lot from their work clothes. They must with-stand the hardest stresses and strains. The shape and size must fit well to ensure perfect fittings. At Office Gear, we provide you with a perfect and fitted work wears for various use at the office, construction site, factories etc. We also customize Professional Work Clothes or Work Wear in different styles and colours. High Visibility Apparels, Medical Staff Jackets and Coats.

Office apparel is neutral-coloured clothing which should be smart enough to support the activity of the wearer. Office Gear helps clients to kit up their employees in the perfect way, offering protection and safety from hazardous materials. We also supply industrial shoes and high visibility clothing. We also provide safety accessories such as detachable lanyards, chin straps and hard hats, safety gloves, glasses and masks. From our collections, you can easily place your order for the apparel that suit your needs

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