New Pensan Range Of Pens and Markers Exclusive To Office Gear

New Pensan Range Of Pens and Markers Exclusive To Office Gear

We are delighted and proud to announce that Office Gear is the exclusive supplier of the Pensan Pens. 

Office Gear has just brought in a brand new range of pens. They are called, “Pensan” and they’ve taken the world by storm. Tese Pensan pens have just arrived in the country and, we are the only place in South Africa where you can find these incredibly high quality pens with a range to suit just about every writing need. Both in the professional, scholastic and artistic worlds.

Furthermore, let us take a look at these new arrivals and review what makes each of them so special. Remember, these are available exclusively from Office Gear South Africa.

1) The Pensan Mechanical Pencil

A fantastic new addition to the Mechanical pencil market. This Pensan pencil is now competing with some of the best and most popular mechanical pencils out there. What makes this pencil so great is that it features an awesome lead protection system. As well as a nifty twisting eraser for when you make those inevitable mistakes. And, if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a TRP grip which is also sweat free.

Buy this Pencil Here

2) Pensan Triball Ball Point Pens

Now, the Pensan Triball Ballpoint pens are something really special. The reason is because they feature an innovative triangular shaped tip technology. Which, has been adapted to a ballpoint pen. So as a result, we have a ballpoint pen that allows for some of the smoothest writing yet. The triangular shape of this pen also makes for a much more ergonomic writing experience. Not to mention the fact that they are an exceptionally comfortable pen to write with. THey come in a set of 8, of which each are a different colour.

Buy The Triball Pensan Pens Here

3) Pensan Neon Gel Pens

pensan pens

If luminous and neon gel pens are something you need, then we recommend looking no further than the set offered by Pensan. Very often,  a Neon gel pen can be quite expensive and thus, turn people to find cheaper alternatives that often don’t match up to the quality we expect. However, these Pensan Neon pens are of the highest quality whilst still being affordable to all. They come with a 1.0mm tip. And, in 6 different neon colours. Which, include pink, green, purple, orange, blue and yellow.

Get Your Pensan Neons Gel Pens Here

4) Glitter Gel Pens by Pensan

Sometimes getting creative with your writing instruments is necessary to keep one interested. With this in mind, we definitely recommend trying some of the glitter gel pens by Pensan. They’re sure to brighten up and sparkle up any page by any person that tries them. Furthermore, they feature a slim jet system. Which improves the writing quality and experience for a pen that glides across the paper. The glitter pens comes in a pack of 6 with colours including red, green, gold, purple, blue, pink.

We have the Glitter Gel Pens from Pensan Here

5) Pensan My-Tech Coloured BallPoint Pens

Continuing on the creative streak. Adding colour to your pages and writing is not only important to keep you engaged. But, it is apparently proven to help us memorize important thing and help us visualise. Luckily, we have the Pensan My-Tech range of ballpoint pens which come in a wide variety of different colours. These are available in a tub of 60 pens, all with a 0.7mm My-Tech tip. Which, enhances the glide of the pen on the writing surface. And, there are 8 separate colours. Which include brown, green, yellow, red, pink, purple, blue and orange.

Buy The My-Tech Pensan Pens here. 

6) Pensan Nano-Gel Pen (Black & Blue)

If you are looking for the ultimate writing experience that provides unparalleled performance from a pen that doesn’t break the bank. Then, the Nono Gel roller is without a doubt your best bet. This pen comes in either blue or black and delivers the ultimate in smooth writing. Also, we know gel pens can leak. However, these have been designed to not leak at all. As well as being non-toxic.

Read more about the Non-gel pens by Pensan here.

7) Whiteboard Markers by Pensan

There’s not much we can say about the whiteboard markers by Pensan. Other than the fact that they’re some of the best whiteboard markers on the market. Which is in itself, saying quite a lot actually. In fact come to think of it, there’s quite a lot that can be said about these markers.

They come in a set of 4 which include green, blue, red and black. And, they have a 2.0mm tip with a bullet shaped end. These pens can be easily erased on any whiteboard surfaced.

Get Your Pensan Marker here.


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