Clutch Pencils -The Difference you can trust.

Clutch Pencils -The Difference you can trust.

The Clutch

Pencils Have been around Since the stone age where cavemen drew on the walls. Today we have Evolved the most basic of all forms of writing and gone further. From the classic lead pencil to today’s modern pencil, we as people have used the pencil for everything. From creating art to solving problems through drafting it out, we are truly reliant on the art of the pencil. With the invention of the clutch pencil, the art of the pencil changed yet again. Now more environmentally friendly, economical and all round better than the standard pencil, the clutch pencil has revolutionized the way we write. A clutch pencil is an elegant writing instrument that will suit a desk set anywhere in the world.

Despite the use of regular pencils for the more artistic side of the pencil, clutch pencils hold their own in both the business and creative world. Now Pensan has taken the evolution of the pencil one step even further. While improving every aspect one looks for in a pencil and more. With the Santoprene TPR grip that reduces sweating while using the pencil, you can write for longer and with ease. The Pensan Clutch pencil also comes with lead protector to make sure you do not waste lead with any breaking of the lead as well as a twist-able eraser for any mistakes made. The Pen is mightier than the sword and the mightiest is Pensan.

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